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The wearing of a chequered or tartan cloth by our Celtic ancestors is a tradition that can be traced back through the centuries. In the ancient Tumuli (burial grounds) found throughout Cornwall, fragments of tartan cloth have frequently been unearthed. The Romans described the dress of the Western tribes of Britain as being a “loose tunic of chequered material ... drawn in at the waist by a leather belt”. Subsequently, it is from the Roman name given to the Celts that lived in the far South West that our company name of Cornovi is derived.

Cornovi is a well established Cornish company that has been retailing kilts to its customers for over 30 years, in which time we have gathered a wealth of experience that, we believe, will make shopping with us a pleasurable experience.

The growth of the company over many years means that we can offer a wide range of services, from buying a complete kilted outfit, purchasing a simple neck tie or a Cornish pewter gift for a special occasion, we aim to provide you with a friendly professional service. You are welcome to send us an order via this web site's online shop, or by telephone.